We're excited to announce that you can now opt for a USB instead of DVD. Since the rise of Digital technology and since home owners are now streaming their content via iPads, phones, laptops or using Netflix, Amazon Fire etc... DVDs are starting to fizzle out which means DVD players are starting to gather dust and rarely be used. 

USBs are great because you can plug and play, you can download them to any device you wish such as your phone or your ipads OR you could upload it to any social media platform to share with your friends and family. If you have a Smart TV, you can plug in your USB and play directly on your TV. 

We're not getting rid of DVDs, you can still opt to have a DVD. We just want to make sure we provide our clients with a keepsake that is going to become a treasure. DVDs can often get scratched if you don't take care of them properly but with USBs your digital files are a lot more secure. We want to make sure you're able to access your video content whenever you want, forever. These memories are sacred and want to protect them. 


Check out the USB packages we're offering.