Maternity Shoot

Let us make pregnancy an occasion to appreciate the female body

Yesterday we had the opportunity to do our very first Maternity shoot with an absolutely beautiful couple. We loved the concept of doing maternity shoots because birth/pregnancy is a beautiful process and we should admire the female body for enduring the often painful but also joyous experience. Mothers are our creators and they go through all sorts of challenges before we are born and after, we can be right little pains, I'd know. 

The idea of the shoot was to accentuate the beauty of the bump and involve the partner in the shoot to show the future loving parents. What this couple will get out of the shoot are some amazing photos to remember the pregnancy and to show the support and love that is present in raising their little creation. 

The first few shots were just about getting the right settings in camera and off camera and getting a feel of their personality.  The day was perfect because we had the perfect natural light available with gorgeous sunlight with the opportunity to shoot in shade too. Here are some of the photos from the shoot.