The Wedding Industry Awards 2016

So, unfortunately, Fuller Production weren't successful in the The Wedding Industry Award. However, we are grateful to even have been nominated in the first place and some of the comments we've had from our clients are just so heart warming which will be going on our testimonial page. We've had people who have said they are shocked we weren't short listed and that too means a lot to us. We've also got to remember we started filming weddings in April 2015 so it's a huge achievement in itself to be where we are right now.

This is a true learning curve for us as we've been given all the resources on what we can do to improve to give our Bride & Grooms the very best. We're looking closely at our creative neighbours and seeing how we can grow & persevere. Success is not built on success, it's built on failure and without failure, success wouldn't be so sweet. So, we ask people, not to be sad for us but to Watch This Space! We've got some exciting piece of equipment that we're going to use and some beautiful ideas that's really going to be a game changer in this industry. 

We'd also like to say a big congratulations to friends and others who have been shortlisted and we wish them the very best in the next stage. Some of our photographer friends who we have worked have been nominated and we're truly excited for them. 

We've been given all our voters comments so, here are a few of our favourite comments Thank you. 

I approached Keiran over face book when he actully hadn’t even filmed a wedding as I’d seen some of his work of other events and loved the style, I feel quite proud that I contacted him that day not only did he present us with this amazing video but the fact I feel part of the making of there business. I couldn’t recommend a better company!!
We were completely blown away when recieved the film of our wedding. Fuller Production had captured perfectly the atmosphere of the day in a most beautiful film for us to treasure forever. Kerian managed to tell the story of the day capturing tiny details that we hadn’t noticed. The music he spent hours chosing complemented the film perfectly. The videography is stunning, beyond our expectation We still watch the film regularly and there are only a few people who haven’t cried while watching it
The wedding video was one of the last things we booked - it wasn’t until we saw a video of another wedding we feel in love with the work they create. This was the best money we spent on our wedding day - our video is amazing and has captured so many memories we wouldn’t have noticed on our big day. Our photographer wasn’t the best - fuller productions also noticed this and without any asking from us they also took photos for us. We didn’t even notice they were there they just belended in