Wedding Fayre

On Sunday 25th October myself and Keith exhibited at the Belfry. This was the first wedding fayre we've attended and we were super excited to showcase our work. Since our first wedding video in April 2015 which exceeded 16 thousand views and spread our name like a rapid fire we have been fortunate enough to film a lot of weddings from then on and take bookings for 2016. It seems like yesterday I was approached by someone who loved the style of my videos that I uploaded on Facebook and asked me to film their wedding. From then I invited Keith into this wonderful opportunity and we've thrown all our hard work and passion into this business. 

We were so pleased to be asked to exhibit at this wedding Fayre and meet future brides and grooms to show them all our work. So many of you, already have got in touch enquiring us for 2016 and 2017. I couldn't be more grateful for this.